Great success of Smart CAB at Agritechnica

Overwhelming number of visitors at the cluster booth.

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Successful world premiere of the Smart CAB at the Agritechnica

Today the Smart CAB was presented to the trade press for the first time. The cluster transfers major trends such as serial-tested modularity, x2x-usability and smart farming into real added value for our customers: flexibility, future reliability, and profitability. Find out more in our official press release.

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CAB Concept Cluster to Debut Smart CAB at Agritechnica 2017

The Smart CAB for agricultural applications features a high-performance CAN structure and
an integrated connectivity unit to upload new smart farming features.

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New Project of the CAB Concept Cluster at Agritechnica:
Smart CAB à la carte – innovative and close-to-production

OEM suppliers, TU Dresden University of Technology and project partners are looking forward
to present their second major project at Agritechnica 2017 in the scope of the CAB Concept
Cluster: the Smart CAB. A multifunctional cabin for self-propelled vehicles such as harvesters
and field sprayers, the Smart CAB is an impressive testimonial of what is already possible and
will become reality in the near future.

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Interview with Alexandra Herrmann

Connectivity: Stay with us, stay connected!” is the theme of Systems and Components 2017,
and nowhere is this better highlighted than through the Smart CAB, created by the CCC.

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Automotive influence on off-highway cabs

Describing new features and Technologies for off-highway vehicles as “automotive-style”
sometimes can be considered as marketing hype – words meant to tap into views that
passenger vehicles are more progressive and closer to the cutting-edge.

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A touch of Genius

Thirteen companies collaborated as part of the CAB Concept Cluster to deliver a concept that
was talk of bauma. Here are the key elements in a nutshell.

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A Vision of Pure Genius

What would you design if you had no performance parameters to match, no client expectations
to meet, no design restrictions, and a team of system experts willing to collaborate and create
the best integrated product possible?

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OEM supplier network presents Genius CAB

The CAB Concept Cluster presented its Genius CAB to the international udience for the irst time
at bauma. This model cab was awarded the bauma Innovation Award 2016 in the design category.

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Group Dynamics

A key highlight at this year´s main construction equipment exibition, the Genius Cab cluster project
was a deserving recipient of the 2016 Bauma Innovation Award.

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OEM supplier network exhibits future trends for vehicle cabs

The innovations built into the model Genius CAB fulfill specific user needs with near-series technology
and illustrate the very high potential of more efficient system integration.

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Companies showcase latest trends in construction machinery

In order to intelligently combine new developments in a visionary cab, last year Independent
OEM suppliers and scientists banded together to form the “CAB concept cluster”. Together they designed
the “genius cab”.

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Fritzmeier show Genius Cab prototype for cab of the near future

Fritzmeier showed the Genius Cab at bauma 2016. It is a prototype ‘cab of the near future’ developed
by a consortium of designers, manufacturers, academics and others and launched at bauma. Fritzmeier
was one of the project leaders and built the 10 demonstration cabs on show at consortium member stands.

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Bosch brings intelligence to driver’s cab of the future

At this year’s bauma trade show, Bosch showcased its involvement in the Genius Cab Project developed
especially for construction machinery.

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